Heaven knows how bitter I am.

This was a lyric from Orange and Lemons’ Heaven Knows (Angel has flown). I’ve been pondering some time about how I would be happy with my current situation in life. I guess asking other people of what to do is not the answer. They can give me lots of ideas but I can never do it myself. Easier said than done, i may say. I am the only one who can understand myself and I am the one who can help myself. Friends are just there to back us up. But whatever, I am still finding my own way to cope up to this situation. I am still sad but now I am loving myself more, so I am barely breathing. I don’t even know why love needs the right time too. I am just afraid of coming to the right time but without the right love anymore. I am afraid of being left behind again. I am afraid of everything that could hurt me. Who isn’t? Please pray for me. I hope I’ll get by.


Please do come back.

What could I possibly do

Other than letting you go?

I know you love me, too

But your family doesn’t. So

I bid farewell now

Though my heart throbs so hard.

The now and forever vow

has been broken. I’ve been barred.

It’s a painful undertaking

we are doing. But

if we succeed, the sequel resulting

is definitely worthy of the shot.

I will wait for you

’til forever, I guess

Just promise me you’ll come back

and my heart will know happiness.