Trust Vs Mistrust

It is so hard to give the trust to a person who have broken it before. Even though, you say that you love him, if you keep on doubting, he wouldn’t believe that it’s love. You should learn to give people a second chance, and let them do what they want to do. ‘Cause if they really love you, they won’t break you heart the second time around. Trust is an important foundation of a relationship meaning to stay permanent. You should open your heart and mind and remove the negativity and forget the trauma. Learn to self-heal because only you, yourself know what hurts deep inside you.


Second Chances

They say love is even sweeter for the second time around. I think so too because, the second time, both of you learned already your lessons. And now, you know what you should and should not do. I do believe that love is never gone, it’s like energy –recyclable but never destroyed. But for love, love only ceases. It never disappears. It only stops, but once the spark is there, it will start to light, like fire. Love.. It is forgetful –to the bad memories that happened. But so remembering, when beautiful and sweet memories are concerned. It’s like a semi-permeable membrane, that only the ones that will help are the ones permitted to get in. It’s like a song –there is a melody and rhythm. And lastly, it’s like mountain water –pure and for everyone.

He’s Back to Me

The lost sheep has come back

In my arms, he clasp

Beside me, he slept

I felt so secured

The feelings came back, too

He made me feel some things 

I can’t feel with others

But then, he always go off

He had to pursue his dreams

But now, I know for sure

He may always go,

but he will never leave

And will definitely come back

beside me.

For C.Antonio

Once there was a guy whom I never presumed to fall for me.

I fell with him too. His smile shimmers. His letters make my day go round. His voice is heaven.

He makes the birds sing, the flowers dance and my heart explode.

He made me in a full bliss. Just a touch of his hand tingles my spine.

His shoulders, I love to lean on. His face, I like to look at all the time. His eyes, I like to meet mine.

I don’t know why I left him. I didn’t know what happened. Everything was a blur.

Now, I am regretting seeing him with others.

Remembering the sweet memories.

And wanting to be with him again.

If ever I have an opportunity, I will definitely say

“I am sorry. Let me make it up to you. If you give me another chance, I will never let go anymore. I am really sorry. I made a mistake. Make me be your kismet again. I will drive for long hours just to bring you butterfinger. Please be mine again.”

Eyes that can see.

we have two pairs of eyes.
two eyes which are meant to see the beauty of the world,
the scars of the past, the creations of God.
It is called the superficial one;
can be seen by others; controlled by the brain.
The other pair is created to see the flaws of beauty,
the magnificence of every scars, the reality of the world,
and the real guts of the heart.


People do get tired. Even if what she’s doing is what she always wanted. Especially when it is not well appreciated. A way to a girl’s heart is through simple things which, guys don’t notice, but girl’s appreciates so much. Here are some of the simple things: Opening the door for her; Pulling the chair for her; helping her with her loads; walking her home; message greetings; “thank you’s”; and respect. Why? Because a girl loves someone who makes her feel like a girl– like a flower so fragile, delicate and beautiful. Try it some time, boys, and you will own the world 🙂


3rd of July

clouds began to cry

suppressed memories come to life


struck my soul so hard

my fragile heart shattered

silence so deafening

i want to let go

Please let me go..