Back from the Dead

She’s back from hibernation

with lots of information

to write is not her option

but one of her dedication.

Now she is ready again

to share stuff that she thinks she can’t

handle by herself and

to read your awesome posts that trend.


Hello again!!!


He’s Back to Me

The lost sheep has come back

In my arms, he clasp

Beside me, he slept

I felt so secured

The feelings came back, too

He made me feel some things 

I can’t feel with others

But then, he always go off

He had to pursue his dreams

But now, I know for sure

He may always go,

but he will never leave

And will definitely come back

beside me.

For C.Antonio

Once there was a guy whom I never presumed to fall for me.

I fell with him too. His smile shimmers. His letters make my day go round. His voice is heaven.

He makes the birds sing, the flowers dance and my heart explode.

He made me in a full bliss. Just a touch of his hand tingles my spine.

His shoulders, I love to lean on. His face, I like to look at all the time. His eyes, I like to meet mine.

I don’t know why I left him. I didn’t know what happened. Everything was a blur.

Now, I am regretting seeing him with others.

Remembering the sweet memories.

And wanting to be with him again.

If ever I have an opportunity, I will definitely say

“I am sorry. Let me make it up to you. If you give me another chance, I will never let go anymore. I am really sorry. I made a mistake. Make me be your kismet again. I will drive for long hours just to bring you butterfinger. Please be mine again.”

Escaping Reality

those teary subtle eyes gazing through the vast space of nothing.

looking inside an empty detached mind

waiting to be filled willingly with new capricious notions

sluggishly pouring out every hatred, melancholy and grief

displacing reality with fantasy

everything is happening with the melodies of The Beatles

playing on the phonograph.

Eyes that can see.

we have two pairs of eyes.
two eyes which are meant to see the beauty of the world,
the scars of the past, the creations of God.
It is called the superficial one;
can be seen by others; controlled by the brain.
The other pair is created to see the flaws of beauty,
the magnificence of every scars, the reality of the world,
and the real guts of the heart.


3rd of July

clouds began to cry

suppressed memories come to life


struck my soul so hard

my fragile heart shattered

silence so deafening

i want to let go

Please let me go..


It’s inevitable

Every time I see you

I smile

So incredible

I only think of you

I quickly smile

My heart,

Felt different

So ecstatic

So high

Your touch

So heartfelt

Please put me down

I’m falling

Please stay longer

I’m feeling this is forever

But I am afraid

For you and me

Give me some more hint

And I’ll give in

I’m so high

I’m so happy

Its bliss

Emanates to everything

I hope tis’ continue