We walked in the rain. We talked and laughed together. We ate our ice creams on the veranda while I talked about my career. We tried going to Antipolo. You waited for me outside my dorm. You accompanied me back. We had so little time but we never considered it as a problem. We were in PE classes together. You were such a player. I was trying hard…. for you to notice me. Your family is clingy. You went home. I fell in love.



The paramour had experienced something for the first time in her life– to be rejected.

It was the very first time she did something with so much effort yet the result is a failure.

There is but one thing that she learned through all of this,

it is to try again and do it better.

Thinking that it is only the first time, she also thinks there is no harm in trying again.

 Especially because it is what she really wanted. 

She will never give up, until she can taste the fruits of her labor.