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I had been passive for the past few days. I’ve been busy in my summer sem classes. I have volleyball from 7AM to 9Am; Health Education from 10AM to 12NN and Health Assessment from 1PM to 5PM. A 3-subject semester everyday. I am so tired. But whenever I think about the things I want to do after I finished studying, I get hyped. It’s so tiring travelling everyday; leaving home 5 o’clock in the morning and arriving 7 o’clock in the evening. Feels like I’m carrying the whole world behind my back. I am so deprived of sleep too. My headaches, I fall asleep on classes, my hand hurts because of volleyball hitting my arms. My only sanctuary right now is listening to the songs of my favorite band, Franco. This is composed of Franco Reyes, Ocho Toleran, Gabby Alipe, Janjan Mendoza and Buwi Meneses. They have a heavy   metal guitars but the voice of Mr. Franco Reyes neutralizes it. Their lyrics are so deep– they do not JUST compose songs for the sake of making one. They devote all their time, effort and knowledge to create their so called art or I may say, the result of their passion for music. They are one of a kind. Well I just remembered hearing their songs playing on someone’s earphone on LRT early in the morning. GOOD VIBES! Everyday. :)))))


A song created inspired by him.

Whenever I hear that song

A vivid picture of you comes along

I, flashing a wide smile

Cheeks blush in a tick

Not thinking of you makes me sick

But ruminating on the fact that you’re not smitten

Is something my heart can’t put up with

You’re my best friend

You’re my brother

Maybe my lover

But you’re the hubby I want to live with forever

Whenever your lips touch mine

My insides flushes all around

Starting tingles on my spine

My heart beats faster and slower at the same time

Your hands are the warmest on a very cold afternoon

Your voice is the morning’s be besotted with

Every stare you make

Lifts my heart to the outer space

You’re the summer

the winter

the spring

And the autumn

My boring days look after

When im with you I remember when im with you im home

And when you leave I forget