Escaping Reality

those teary subtle eyes gazing through the vast space of nothing.

looking inside an empty detached mind

waiting to be filled willingly with new capricious notions

sluggishly pouring out every hatred, melancholy and grief

displacing reality with fantasy

everything is happening with the melodies of The Beatles

playing on the phonograph.


Eyes that can see.

we have two pairs of eyes.
two eyes which are meant to see the beauty of the world,
the scars of the past, the creations of God.
It is called the superficial one;
can be seen by others; controlled by the brain.
The other pair is created to see the flaws of beauty,
the magnificence of every scars, the reality of the world,
and the real guts of the heart.

Never ever pattern your love story to a song’s lyrics or movie’s story line.

Well, the title itself says it all. You can never trust a song or a movie. It’s just a mere inspiration and a reminder for us all that it’s only an imagination, a FICTION. Always remember that the script writers and composers are only writing those HOPEFUL (how i wish) things for them to get money because it’s their work. You should depend on your own. Your decision will determine what will be your story. Never act as if you are an artist on a movie. There will never be someone who will play a background song there as you cry. There will never be someone who’ll help you in an instant like magic. There is only one who can help you. It’s you yourself. So wake up. Reality is always different from a dream. Get over it.