Fo sho he’s Jayson Yap

There is still this someone who, in the middle of chaos, would make you calm and inadvertently lax and happy.

Though not a lover, just a friend specifically a seatmate, this someone continues to awe me with surprising manners. He may look unapproachable, dull, stiff and scary but he is the opposite. He can be as mischievous as tom but as genuine and serious as the king or the Kim Jong Il. He is a very good friend of mine, one who can understand me and hear me out willingly. The one who enjoys listening to my rants and whines and calmly handles everything. The one whom he wants to talk the most because according to him, I am the one whom he’s comfortable sharing with. A real boy friend. He is in times of calamity, would definitely make me smile and laugh and in times of happiness, would make me smile and laugh harder.



Only a friendship so deep

could make a love so strong.

For it is the foundation,

the substance

and the element

of a good affair.