New Beginning

We’ve been apart for almost 10 years

Seeing you again makes my heart fills

with joy, and now I’m complete

In this long interval

I have been finding myself

Thinking I could find it

With everybody else

Now I’m in a bliss

Hope it’ll be eternal

Hoping, wishing, thinking

I’ve been scarred ever since

The wound so deep

Now it’s completely healed

Don’t leave again

Til I can internalize

Just wait.



Blood is thicker than water.

Having a boyfriend who has a family that doesn’t like you is a very knotty state of affairs. Even if the boy loves you so much and stand up for you toughly, if the family really hates you, you yourself will give up for the sake of the boy’s fate. It’s really hard to convince a family with a different set of principles. And can be a very excruciating experience for the lovers. Such family can be very vile on the girls’ part but what can one do? Sooner, if your fate changes its luck, you will be a part of their family. So, good luck.