For C.Antonio

Once there was a guy whom I never presumed to fall for me.

I fell with him too. His smile shimmers. His letters make my day go round. His voice is heaven.

He makes the birds sing, the flowers dance and my heart explode.

He made me in a full bliss. Just a touch of his hand tingles my spine.

His shoulders, I love to lean on. His face, I like to look at all the time. His eyes, I like to meet mine.

I don’t know why I left him. I didn’t know what happened. Everything was a blur.

Now, I am regretting seeing him with others.

Remembering the sweet memories.

And wanting to be with him again.

If ever I have an opportunity, I will definitely say

“I am sorry. Let me make it up to you. If you give me another chance, I will never let go anymore. I am really sorry. I made a mistake. Make me be your kismet again. I will drive for long hours just to bring you butterfinger. Please be mine again.”