Why are you doing this?

I thought waiting for you is a bliss.

Now, you’re ignoring me.

I’m in an immense misery.

I thought you love me.

But I think, the one you love is she.

Please tell it to me soon.

Because my life is now half-ruin.

Let me be free with the truth.

I will forget you as soon as I could.


Just one message.

Just one message

from you

I will swim and fall,

fall to the highest mountain

swim to the deepest shore.

My bliss will emanate

brighter than the sun

if you will give me

message, saying

“I’m still the one”.


Just one message

from you

I can die.

I’ll be free of worries

and anxiety.

I could lie.

The burden

of the world

will soon be gone.

I’ll definitely cry

cuz of happiness



Please do come back.

What could I possibly do

Other than letting you go?

I know you love me, too

But your family doesn’t. So

I bid farewell now

Though my heart throbs so hard.

The now and forever vow

has been broken. I’ve been barred.

It’s a painful undertaking

we are doing. But

if we succeed, the sequel resulting

is definitely worthy of the shot.

I will wait for you

’til forever, I guess

Just promise me you’ll come back

and my heart will know happiness.