We walked in the rain. We talked and laughed together. We ate our ice creams on the veranda while I talked about my career. We tried going to Antipolo. You waited for me outside my dorm. You accompanied me back. We had so little time but we never considered it as a problem. We were in PE classes together. You were such a player. I was trying hard…. for you to notice me. Your family is clingy. You went home. I fell in love.


Please do come back.

What could I possibly do

Other than letting you go?

I know you love me, too

But your family doesn’t. So

I bid farewell now

Though my heart throbs so hard.

The now and forever vow

has been broken. I’ve been barred.

It’s a painful undertaking

we are doing. But

if we succeed, the sequel resulting

is definitely worthy of the shot.

I will wait for you

’til forever, I guess

Just promise me you’ll come back

and my heart will know happiness.


A song created inspired by him.

Whenever I hear that song

A vivid picture of you comes along

I, flashing a wide smile

Cheeks blush in a tick

Not thinking of you makes me sick

But ruminating on the fact that you’re not smitten

Is something my heart can’t put up with

You’re my best friend

You’re my brother

Maybe my lover

But you’re the hubby I want to live with forever

Whenever your lips touch mine

My insides flushes all around

Starting tingles on my spine

My heart beats faster and slower at the same time

Your hands are the warmest on a very cold afternoon

Your voice is the morning’s be besotted with

Every stare you make

Lifts my heart to the outer space

You’re the summer

the winter

the spring

And the autumn

My boring days look after

When im with you I remember when im with you im home

And when you leave I forget