Trust Vs Mistrust

It is so hard to give the trust to a person who have broken it before. Even though, you say that you love him, if you keep on doubting, he wouldn’t believe that it’s love. You should learn to give people a second chance, and let them do what they want to do. ‘Cause if they really love you, they won’t break you heart the second time around. Trust is an important foundation of a relationship meaning to stay permanent. You should open your heart and mind and remove the negativity and forget the trauma. Learn to self-heal because only you, yourself know what hurts deep inside you.


Trust does it all.

I was having a good Sunday a while ago when my friend whom I treated like a sister texted me and confronted me of having an affair with his boyfriend and a close friend of mine too. I was shock and now, still I am. I thought of myself before when I was like that too. I just smiled and said to myself that trust really is a big thing. When you have to much, you could be hurt so bad. When you have a little, relationships with everybody fails. Don’t worry, she said sorry and we’re okay again.

But then, you just have to trust people, you’ll never know what they’re up to and if they’re irrational human enough, they would keep your trust and will never break it.

A girl’s trust is hard to fabricate but easy to annihilate.

Trust can be incorporated to loyalty but can never influence the quantity of love. Once a girl’s trust has been built, her fidelity to a boy will never be wrecked. She will completely devote herself to the boy she loves and will do almost anything for him to be happy. And once it was destroyed, for the sake of love, she will forgive; but will never forget and it will be difficult for the boy to bring the same, old, sweet, and trustful love of the girl.