Escaping Reality

those teary subtle eyes gazing through the vast space of nothing.

looking inside an empty detached mind

waiting to be filled willingly with new capricious notions

sluggishly pouring out every hatred, melancholy and grief

displacing reality with fantasy

everything is happening with the melodies of The Beatles

playing on the phonograph.



The paramour had experienced something for the first time in her life– to be rejected.

It was the very first time she did something with so much effort yet the result is a failure.

There is but one thing that she learned through all of this,

it is to try again and do it better.

Thinking that it is only the first time, she also thinks there is no harm in trying again.

 Especially because it is what she really wanted. 

She will never give up, until she can taste the fruits of her labor.

Eyes that can see.

we have two pairs of eyes.
two eyes which are meant to see the beauty of the world,
the scars of the past, the creations of God.
It is called the superficial one;
can be seen by others; controlled by the brain.
The other pair is created to see the flaws of beauty,
the magnificence of every scars, the reality of the world,
and the real guts of the heart.


People do get tired. Even if what she’s doing is what she always wanted. Especially when it is not well appreciated. A way to a girl’s heart is through simple things which, guys don’t notice, but girl’s appreciates so much. Here are some of the simple things: Opening the door for her; Pulling the chair for her; helping her with her loads; walking her home; message greetings; “thank you’s”; and respect. Why? Because a girl loves someone who makes her feel like a girl– like a flower so fragile, delicate and beautiful. Try it some time, boys, and you will own the world 🙂


3rd of July

clouds began to cry

suppressed memories come to life


struck my soul so hard

my fragile heart shattered

silence so deafening

i want to let go

Please let me go..


It’s inevitable

Every time I see you

I smile

So incredible

I only think of you

I quickly smile

My heart,

Felt different

So ecstatic

So high

Your touch

So heartfelt

Please put me down

I’m falling

Please stay longer

I’m feeling this is forever

But I am afraid

For you and me

Give me some more hint

And I’ll give in

I’m so high

I’m so happy

Its bliss

Emanates to everything

I hope tis’ continue